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getting Started
A basic video analysis setup requires 3 key elements:
    Webbsoft software
    Suitable computer

On customer demand, we can also deliver training and support on the peripheral hardware items that are required. We can also offer advice and recommendations to those that wish to utilise equipment they already have, but want to ensure the systems will operate.

Webbsoft has a product to suit almost every video analysis environment. For detailed information about each of our products, please browse this website.

Additionally, Webbsoft are always happy to discuss and advise the best option for you. Please contact us for more information.
computer requirements
Processing video can require larger amounts of computer processing power and hard disk space than ordinary applications. If you intend to use video extensively you need to choose your computer wisely. For all our products, we recommend that you contact us to discuss the specifications.

    Our software operates with
    Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
    Applications that do not capture video do not require a firewire port.
    If using High Definition video then it is important to have a suitable video card, adequate RAM and adequate processor.
    It is also recommended that all available Windows updates should be applied.
video cameras

All Webbsoft applications that support video capture are designed to work with Mini DV cameras through the firewire interface. Analogue cameras can also be used with an appropriate converter.

Swinger release 3.0 now has the ability to process video from AVCHD cameras.

We recommend that you consult us to discuss the requisite specifications.

In all cases we recommend the use of a suitable tripod.

Still Unsure?
If you are unsure whether your computer is right for the task, please contact us.
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