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Swinger Motion Analysis Software
Snapper Performance Analysis Software
Golf & Other Sports
The power of video to expose technique and performance differences is unmatched. Webbsoft products have been widely used for motion and performance analysis across numerous sports for almost ten years. Golf, in particular, has been one of the sports leading the way in the adoption of video analysis technology. The Swinger range of products is currently used every day by more that 1000 golf coaches around the world.
Motion Analysis
The Swinger range of products have been developed to provide a comprehensive range of easy to use tools for anyone involved in the analysis of sporting skills or human movement. Swinger removes the guess-work, allowing fast and accurate video analysis and feedback - perfect for coaching or teaching.
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 I have used Swinger for the past eight years. It is a fantastic tool to teach with and is ideal to keep a record of a player's technical development. It is ridiculously easy to use 

Jim Barden
Former Head Coach Queensland Academy of Sport Golf Program
Performance Analysis
Snapper combines high quality video with a powerful database to allow the logging and retrieval of any events you consider important. Snapper is perfect for retrieving video of the important aspects of a match or game. It allows you to track performance both statistically and visually enabling you to easily identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
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 Snapper has been sensational in helping get the message across to the kids. During the trip to Ireland, it was a real bonus to help the boys understand the changes to tactics and strategies we had to employ and the results speak for themselves. 

Alan McConnell
Head Coach - AIS-AFL Academy
Webbsoft in Sport
Webbsoft products are currently being used in over 30 sports or activities around the world.
Soccer / Football
Rowing / Kayaking /
Swimming /
Sync Swimming
Baseball / Softball
Volleyball /
Beach Volleyball
Track & Field
Basketball / Netball
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