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Swinger Motion Analysis Software
Snapper Performance Analysis Software
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Swinger has been developed to provide a complete range of easy to use video based tools for anyone involved in motion analysis. Swinger allows you to easily capture video, analyse it and distribute visual feedback to your clients or students. There is a version of Swinger to suit just about every environment. To learn more about Swinger, click here.
Snapper combines high quality video with a powerful database that allows quick and simple logging (tagging) and retrieval of events you consider important. It is a highly customisable performance analysis tool for almost any activity. For more information, click here.
Microstats is Webbsoft's golf statistical program. Keen golfers of all levels can use this proven game analysis tool to easily identify what needs to change in order to improve their game. Unlike other golf stats packages, MicroStats provides detailed information on where you are losing shots. It is designed for golfers of any level who wish to perform better.
Hardware & Accessories
Cameras and Computers From cameras to computers to cables, Webbsoft will discuss suitable hardware and accessories. Follow the link below to learn more about the hardware options available.

 More Hardware Information...
Smart Card LicensingBuy One & Share with Colleagues
Webbsoft products can be licensed using a smart card. This allows the software to be installed on multiple computers and used on any one by connecting the smart card - giving you the freedom to share with your colleagues and get the most out of your product.
Network Licensing
For organisations with multiple users, you can take advantage of our network licensing solution. This system allows a single smart card connected to a network computer to control licensing for other computers connected to the network. More info...
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