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Swinger Motion Analysis Software
Snapper Performance Analysis Software
SwingerPro is ideally suited for the PE Teacher and Sports Coach who is looking to maximize the use of video in lessons.  SwingerPro provides a set of powerful, yet easy to use, visual tools for analysing motion in PE and sport.

This software has been proven to be the preferred choice for schools throughout the UK due to its superior ease of use and practical tools. There are many colleges, universities, sports coaches and clubs also benefiting from the program.

SwingerPro is specifically tailored for teachers/coaches and students, providing an instant video capture capability and a complete set of visual tools to analyse sporting performance and techniques. SwingerPro has also proven to be very effective in many subject areas within schools include Dance, Drama, Maths and Physics.
It's as easy as using Microsoft Word
lesson Tagging
SwingerPro now incorporates a powerful NEW tagging function. This will allow users to "mark" sections of video with different tags. The tags can be sorted, the associated video segments exported. Tagging data can also be easily imported into a Snapper project for more comprehensive review.
Bounce Analyser - Available in version 3.0.
By analysing the bounce of a ball on a particular surface, the Bounce Analyser can be used to calculate the coefficient of restitution and coefficient of friction for the surface.
Core Features
Video Capture
Both SwingerPro and SwingerPlus incorporate easy to use DV capture. Video can be captured either live or from tape. Once video is captured, it is easy to remove all unwanted frames.
Enhanced Video Capture
Automates the capture process. A pre and post time relative to the trigger point can be set, which means you can capture something that has already happened. Capture can be initiated many times without the need to save the new video clips as they are created. Our latest software allows capture to be initiated with the use of a microphone.
Deja Vu (DJV) - Time Delay Function
Lets you view what the camera saw a predetermined number of seconds before - a real sense of Deja Vu!
Multiple Windows
Multiple videos can be displayed & played simultaneously.

"Ghost" one video over the top of another to compare movements.

Horizontal Flip
Flip a video horizontally to convert left-handers into right-handers and vice versa.
Zooming and Cropping
Crop an image to zoom in on important aspects.
Rotate Video
If the video camera was rotated during filming the resulting video can be rotated dynamically.
A clock can be added to any video window to display the relative time.
Graphics and Text
Lines, ellipses, rectangles, angles, grids and text can be added as well as distances and velocities.
Clips can be locked together so that important parts of the motion occur simultaneously.

Multi-Frame Mode
Load a video or videos into a matrix of windows.
Image Enhancement
Enhance "dark" or poor video to enable easier analysis.
Explorer Window
An Explorer window can be used to open, copy and move your video files between locations.
Print any number of frames from any video clip.
  • Email Function - Compress video into a size small enough to email and attach it directly to a new email message.
  • File Stitching - Allows you to combine multiple video clips into one file. This is ideal for creating files for use with SwingerViewer.
  • Grab Frame - Extract frames as bitmap or jpeg images for use in other programs.
  • Export Data - Export data to Excel for further kinematic analysis.
  • Remote Capture Triggers - SwingerPro 3.0 now uses a microphone for remote capture. For more information, please visit the Hardware Accessories section of our web site.
  • SwingerViewer - Video and Lesson files from SwingerPro can be distributed on SwingerViewer CDs. For more information, please visit the SwingerViewer section of our web site.
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