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SwingerDJV is a variable time delay program that allows you to view what the camera has seen a short time before, giving you a real sense of Deja Vu! It is an ideal tool for motion analysis environments where instant visual feedback can enhance learning. It is perfect for self-practise and circuit environments.

SwingerDJV is easy to use, simply:

  • Set up the camera to shoot the desired motion
  • Connect the camera to the computer and open SwingerDJV
  • Set the time delay
  • Perform your motion activity and then look at the computer screen to see a delayed version of what you or your students did. There is no need to touch the camera or computer!
SwingerDJV is an ideal introduction to video analysis. As well as being a stand alone product, the SwingerDJV function is provided within SwingerPlus, SwingerTeacher and SwingerPro.
Déjà Vu has been proven to be highly effective not only in PE and sports but in other subject areas including drama, dance and science.
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