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SwingerAthlete is designed to work with pre-existing video files that have been created using SwingerPlus or SwingerPro.

SwingerAthlete enables the user to:

  • Play video created by SwingerPlus or SwingerPro
  • Display and draw graphics and text
  • Display 2 video windows to facilitate comparisons
  • Synchronise video in both windows
  • Play Lessons Files (from SwingerPlus)
  • Rotate video clips
  • Create new video files from existing ones

SwingerAthlete is a value adding product for professional users. It is only available to those who have purchased a copy of SwingerPlus or SwingerPro 2.0.
Core Features
Multiple Windows
Multiple videos can be displayed & played simultaneously.
Horizontal Flip
Flip a video horizontally to convert left-handers into right-handers and vice versa.
Zooming and Cropping
Crop an image to zoom in on important aspects.
A clock can be added to any video window to display the relative time.
Graphics and Text
Lines, ellipses, rectangles, angles, grids and text can be added as well as distances and velocities.
Clips can be locked together so that important parts of the motion occur simultaneously.
Rotate Video
If the video camera was rotated during filming the resulting video can be rotated dynamically.
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