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Swinger Motion Analysis Software
Snapper Performance Analysis Software
Swinger product Comparison Chart
Capturing Video          
Direct DV capture
Video Clip trimming and cropping
DJV - Delayed Replay (Deja Vu)
- -
Acoustic Capture Triggering*
Remote Capture Triggering*
Auto-Replay function
Batch Capturing
- -
Dual Camera Capture - - -
Saving / Storing Video          
Frequently used files list
Explorer Window
Export video to Email
File Stitching
Batch file conversion
Player / Client Database - - -
Video Control          
Full Screen
Slow Motion
Double Frame Rate (50 fps PAL, 60 fps NTSC)
Rotate video clip
Horizontal flip
Advanced cropping & zooming
Auto cropping
Advanced Overlay
Multi-Frame Windows (Video window matrix)
Grab Frame (still frame image)
Synchronise video clips
Multiple video windows
Image Enhancement
Graphics & Analysis          
Lines, Rectangles, Ellipses, Free Hand Drawing
Text Box and/ or Comments Box
Fully editable graphics
Wedge highlighting tool
Distance measurement tool
Points/ Connect Points (straight or curved)
Variable Persistence Graphics
Clock Face
Printing of selected video frames
Export point data to Excel
Profiles to customize Swinger for multiple users
Advanced Analysis          
Tagging Function -
Strobe Function
Lesson Mode
Commentary Mode
Bounce Analyser
- - -
* Require external triggers
Note: SwingerTeacher and SwingerStudent are only available to Education customers
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