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Swinger Motion Analysis Software
Snapper Performance Analysis Software
Swinger is a video based motion analysis software program designed to provide a complete range of easy to use tools for anyone involved in motion or skill analysis.

The use of Swinger can be broken down into 4 stages.

1. Shoot 2. Capture 3. Analyse 4. Distribute
Shoot your video
Capture video to your
PC live or from tape
Analyse the video using the extensive range of analysis tools
Distribute your video or lesson files to your client for later review
There is a version of Swinger for virtually every purpose and budget. To view a comparison chart for the various versions of Swinger, click here.

is designed for the advanced motion analysis user. In addition to the features of SwingerPro, SwingerPlus incorporates dual camera capture, a player/ client database and a powerful lesson and commentary mode. More...

is similar in functionality to SwingerPlus but has been customised for schools. SwingerTeacher now incoporates a powerful and sophisticated tagging function that works independently or in conjunction with Snapper. More...

incorporates all the core tools required for professional motion analysis. Some of SwingerPro's features include video capture - basic and enhanced, split screen display, overlay, graphics and the ability to email video clips. More...

is an application that displays delayed video from a camera. The delay can be varied making the Deja Vu effect ideal for instant feedback to students and athletes. More...

incorporates many of SwingerPro's features and is designed for networked use in school. SwingerStudent now incoporates a powerful and sophisticated tagging function that works independently or in conjunction with Snapper. SwingerStudent is also avaialble as a Home version. More...
SwingerViewer allows students and athletes to review video and lesson files on their own computers. SwingerViewer can also be customised to become a marketing tool for your business or school. Your client or student will see your advertising material or information every time they view their video. More...
Webbsoft has products specifically tailored for Education Users. More...
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