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Snapper Video Based Performance Analysis Software

Snapper is Webbsoft’s performance analysis software solution.  By combining high quality video with a powerful database, Snapper allows the logging and retrieval of virtually anything you consider important.

Developed in association with the Victorian Institute of Sport, Snapper's benefits have been recognized and adopted by leading sports organizations, schools and universities, both in Australia and internationally.

Snapper’s superiority lies in its ability to be user configurable for almost any activity.  Whether it be sporting matches, drama productions or teacher/ student interaction, you define precisely what information to collect.

For example, you may wish to log all the “Shots” within a game.  You could define criteria for “who shot it”, “the type of shot”, “the direction of the shot”, “the decision to shoot” and so on...  You can record as much or as little information as you like.

Once a structure is defined, it can be used as a template for future projects.  Whether your focus is statistics, decision making or simply compiling video clips, Snapper is the comprehensive performance analysis solution.

Individual Sports

Team Sports
Snapper's extensive range of features provides the coach or teacher with the ability to quickly and easily perform in-depth analysis.
Entering Event Data
Quick & Easy In-Depth Logging
Once the event types are defined, the logging window allows quick and easy entering of data. Button colour and order can be customised to suit the way you work! More...
Importing Data
Snapper also has the capability of importing data from other applications, such as real time stats gathering programs designed for PDAs. This eliminates the need to re-enter data. There is a Webbsoft specification which defines the format of the XML data file used to import the data into Snapper. Please contact us for further information on how this can be achieved.
Core Analysis features
Filtering or searching Events
Event data can easily be filtered using simple or detailed criteria. For example, in basketball you could search for every successful shot, from inside the key, made by a specific player. More...
Spreadsheet Statistics
A Spreadsheet Grid allows you to set up a data matrix consisting of events, players, teams and calculated statistics. From a grid cell you can easily display the associated video. For example, the number of shots a specific player has had. A grid will also update as events are logged, providing live statistical information! More...
A PlayList allows you to collect and arrange whatever events you are interested in. For example, a coach may drag 10 events into a PlayList to present to a particular player or group. Grid data can also be dragged into a PlayList. PlayLists can be exported as small data files that can be transferred to another Snapper user. More...
Graphics & Text
Graphics can be drawn on the video window to highlight important points. This allows a coach to graphically communicate strategies and tactics. More...
2 Video Windows & Synchronisation
Events can be displayed in a second video window. When playing, these two windows can be synchronised in order to compare two different instances of the same event type within a game. More...
Secondary Video Display
Enhance your coaching message by outputting the video to a second monitor or screen for your audience, whilst retaining full Snapper functionality on your computer. More...
Exporting Events & Projects
Events can be exported as video files for further analysis or distribution to players. Using SnapperPlayer, the entire game can be taken away and reviewed on a player's own computer. You can also import grids and searches into other projects to save time.
Full Screen Video
Watch any event in full screen mode to get the big picture!
Exporting & Printing Data
Print Event lists, grids and search data or export it to Excel for further analysis.
Create Templates

Once a project setup has been defined, you can create a Template of it from which to base future projects. This is great for maintaining logging consistency across a season.

Export video on CD to give to your clients, players or students to review in their own time.
Additional features
    Easily manage Player and Team information
    Automate video capture using the event logging buttons
    Display and export particular event criteria as text on the video
    Output the events back to mini DV tape via Firewire
    Utilise our standardized XML data importing feature
    Export and Import project data via XML
    Import Swinger Tagging data
MPEG2 Plug-in
Import MPEG2 video from many MPEG2 sources including Sony HDD cameras, Set-top-box units and DVD. Note: The MPEG2 Plug-in is a free plug-in available on request.
Multi-Project Search
Search any number of projects for any event combination and then review and export video.
CapturE Plug-ins
Snapper is optimized to capture directly from certain external capture devices that facilitate on-the-fly video recompression.
snapper net server & snapper net client
Snapper Net Server and Snapper Net Client allow you to synchronise logging across multiple Snapper terminals. Teachers can setup and distribute the project to be logged to the students who can in turn log new events. Using the XML interface, projects can then be easily collaborated for review.
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