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Webbsoft Server is a license tracking and control application designed to monitor and control access to Webbsoft products across a network from a central server. It allows computers connected to a network access to Webbsoft applications without the need to license individual computers.

Webbsoft Server also keeps track of computers currently using Webbsoft products and displays their name, username and IP address. It also facilitates queuing of users if the number of active licenses is at its allowable limit.

Webbsoft Server can be installed as a stand-alone application or as a Windows Service and is compatible with Windows 7, 2000, Windows XP & Windows Server 2003. We are happy to consult with you or your IT staff regarding the implementation of Webbsoft Server.
  ... I am very happy with "Webbsoft License Server" for managing Webbsoft software across our network - it was a straight forward installation on our main server and I have no problems with it running along side the rest of the server services. It is important that the licensing software install as a service on a server, rather than an application, so there a no problems with logging on and off the server. The license monitoring software is simple and intuitive, making it easy to manage the license usage. Also, the way it allows staff to switch between local dongle licensing and network licensing ensures we always get the most out of the software.  

Peter Griffin
Information and Technology Manager - Victorian Institute of Sport
    Download the Webbsoft Server technical overview (PDF - approx 96 kb)

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