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From cameras to computers to software specific accessories, Webbsoft will discuss suitable products to make life easier.
Video Resource DVD

Compiled specifically for Education purposes, the Video Resource DVD contains over 500 video clips that you can use to assist in your video analysis. It is a great way to kick start your video file library. The DVD is setup as a data disk that allows you to select the clips you want for use in Swinger. The DVD covers a range of activities and abilities and is ideally suited for the sports and physical education teaching environment.

Activities covered include:
    Golf - Including current USPGA, USLPGA and European PGA Tour Players
    Basic skills - Running, Walking, Throwing, Catching
    and many more...

For more information about the Video Resource DVD, please contact Webbsoft.
Capture Triggers

Micrphones compatible with Windows can be used with the latest release of the Swinger Software.
Enables capturing process to be initiated by a remote sound.

Connects to a computer via a USB or the microphone port on the computer.

Model Video CDs
For Golf and Tennis, Webbsoft has a CD of model video that can be used with SwingerPlus, SwingerPro, SwingerTeacher, SwingerAthlete and SwingerStudent. They are a great way to start using Swinger whilst you build up your own video library.

For more information, please contact Webbsoft.

Webbsoft would be pleased to discuss your computer system requirements to ensure you get the most out of our software.

For more information about the right computer for you, please contact Webbsoft or your local reseller.


Webbsoft are happy to discuss camera options and models with you to ensure you have one that is right for the job.

For more information about the right camera for your needs, please contact Webbsoft or your local reseller.

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