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Frequently Asked Questions
 What does the software cost and how do I purchase it?
Please see our Purchase Information section of the website for all purchase information.
 Can I purchase training?
Depending on your location, it is usually possible to organise training where necessary. Additionally it should be noted that all Webbsoft products include a comprehensive help file and are shipped with a complete user manual for your reference. Swinger products are also supplied with a series of introductory videos to help you get started.
 Can I run Webbsoft software on a MAC?
Webbsoft software is not compatible with the MAC OSX operating system. However, if you are running Windows on your MAC via Boot Camp then Webbsoft software will work as it would on a PC. Webbsoft software cannot be run using Parallels.
 What accessories can I use with Swinger?
Microphones compatible with windows can be used with the latest release of SwingerPlus, SwingerPro and SwingerTeacher. For more information about the accessories, please click here.
 What equipment do I need?
Swinger products require a suitable PC and support direct capture from Mini DV cameras via the firewire interface. For capturing video from a Mini DV camera, a firewire port is required on the computer. For more information about hardware requirements please visit our Technical Information page.
 Can I use the latest High Definition Cameras ?

The latest release of Swinger 3.0 supports the AVCHD Cameras. As all these cameras have their own implementation of the H.264 specification they may not have been validated with Swinger. As Swinger relies on the H.264 decoding properties found in the latest video card, is it important to have a suitable video card. We recommend the Nvidia graphics cards. Also it is important to operate this with suitable computer hardware. Please contact Webbsoft to discuss your requirements. The High Definition version is available on request.

For Snapper, video from various MPEG2 sources is compatible. In particular, Sony HDD cameras have proven to be a very useful for capturing 'game-length' video.

 Should I use a desktop or notebook computer?
Swinger will work on both laptops and desktops so the purchase decision should be based on your budget and the required performance. If you travel a lot or wish to use the software in the field, then a notebook may best suit your needs. However, if you only use your computer from your office or home, a desktop might be a more cost effective solution. For information on Webbsoft's technical requirements for computers, click here...
 What if I have more questions?
Please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.
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