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Currently there are over 1300 schools, universities and colleges using Webbsoft products around the world. In Australia, many schools are using Webbsoft products to assist with core curriculum in subject areas including Physical Education (PE), Dance, Drama, Physics, Mathematics and even English.

Webbsoft products are great for...
     Immediate analysis and feedback to improve skill development
     In-depth analysis by the student in the computer lab or at home
     Moderation of student performances
     Assessing student performance
     Creation of digital portfolios
     Enhanced parent/ teacher communication

New Tagging Feature!
The new versions of SwingerTeacher and SwingerStudent incorporate a powerful tagging function. This will allow teachers and students to "mark" sections of video with different tags. The tags can be sorted, the associated video segments exported, and a class load of tagged data can be easily imported into Snapper to form a complete project. The application is not limited to PE and sport, but also has strong application for drama and dance.
Education Pricing
Webbsoft offers special pricing for Schools, Universities and other non-profit organisations (NPO). In Australia, Webbsoft provides bundled Education Pack options. These are the perfect solution for implementing a video analysis system in a large educational environment. For more information about how Webbsoft products can benefit your school or institution, please contact Webbsoft or your nearest reseller.
 Swinger has been a fantastic way to increase student understanding in my class. The students have created their own digital portfolios and the PE department is leading the way to an integrated curriculum. My feedback to parents is both more accurate and more detailed and beside all that, I’m enjoying using a different approach. 

Ben Clarke
Mt Erin College, VIC
Click here for customer testimonials and a list of Australian schools currently using Webbsoft products.
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