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Webbsoft Customers
At Webbsoft, our customers are the most important part of our business. Our products have proven beneficial for thousands of users across many countries.

Read below to see what our customers have to say and how our software can be of benefit to you.

Education users
A powerful teaching tool, capturing students' interest and therefore heightening their potential to learn ... creating a more productive learning environment for all.

Sandro Bisetto
Head of Physical Education
Melbourne High School, VIC
The Swinger program has proven to be a huge success among staff and students alike. The students really appreciate being able to compare their skills to elite performers. Furthermore, Year 12 Physical Education students are now able to apply their understanding of biomechanical principles in a more practical and meaningful manner. From a staff perspective several keen golfers also tell me that they have lowered their handicaps! Overall, the program is fantastic - it has made our physical education curriculum more exciting and student centred throughout all year levels.

Tim Maddern
St Paul's College. SA
At Christian College Geelong we have had great success using the Swinger program in our year 10 phys ed classes. The students enjoyed analysing their own motion and taking the teacher role by deciding what corrections needed to be made.

Our Faculty staff are excited about the software and find it to be very user friendly. We will start using it for a year 11 Biomechanics unit next semester and next year plan to have our Junior staff use Swinger for skill development modules through the junior years.

Andrew Richardson
Head of Physical Education and Sport
Christian College Geelong
 Swinger has been a fantastic way to increase student understanding in my class. The students have created their own digital portfolios and the PE department is leading the way to an integrated curriculum. My feedback to parents is both more accurate and more detailed and beside all that, I’m enjoying using a different approach. 

Ben Clarke
Mt Erin College, VIC
The Health and PE staff have been using Swinger (skill analysis) and Snapper (game analysis) at the college over the last two years with great success. These products have expanded and improved the quality of learning experiences offered to the students.

Using the deja vu function... has enabled the students to gain immediate feedback of their technique performance every time they perform the skill. The other Swinger functions have enabled our year 10 golf students and year 12 volleyball students to biomechanically assess their performance and to identify changes that need to be made.

The written assessment tasks in these units have utilised this technology and this has enabled the students to produce images and graphics that support their essay responses.

We have found Snapper to be useful in assisting students to understand the strategies and tactics required in the team sports they play... [using Snapper is] a lot more effective than the old way of trying to do game analysis with a standard video tape and player.

Mark Rasi
Curriculum Leader – HPE
Redeemer Lutheran College, QLD
 I have used Swinger for nearly a decade. The Swinger toolkit, with the ability to produce instant visual feedback and produce CDs for golfers to view later, makes Swinger a very flexible and easy to use tool. I have looked at other systems and I can see no reason to change.

Peter Knight
Director - National Elite Development
Golf Australia
 I have used Swinger for the past eight years. It is a fantastic tool to teach with and is ideal to keep a record of a player's technical development. It is ridiculously easy to use.

Jim Barden
Former Head Coach Queensland Academy of Sport Golf Programme
 Having coached for over 30 years, I feel Swinger is an essential part of my development as a coach and an invaluable tool for helping others. Swinger is easy to use and is an integral part of my everyday teaching.

Barry Bent
Head Professional
Woolooware Golf Club, WJGC, NSW
 I have used Swinger video analysis software on a daily basis for swing analysis, archiving of footage and remote coaching since 1997. The program's ease of operation makes it a potent coaching tool that allows me to better communicate with my students and as such improve their games more rapidly. It has assisted me to improve my knowledge of swing mechanics, to check the development of my players and to become a more efficient coach.

Denis McDade
Former Head Coach, Golf
Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS)
 Swinger has proven to be an easy to learn and easy to use program that adds great value to the golf lessons we give at the Albert Park Golf Academy. Our coaching staff and clients both get terrific value from the visual learning provided by Swinger. Over the 5 year period we have used Swinger, the support from Webbsoft has always been excellent.

Rohan Dummett
Head Coach
Albert Park Golf Academy, VIC
 Swinger is the ideal Video Analysis program for any coaching requirement. The Webbsoft team make it easy to get true value from using Swinger 

Bernard Savage
Performance Science Manager - Swimming Australia
 Snapper has been sensational in helping get the message across to the kids. During the trip to Ireland, it was a real bonus to help the boys understand the changes to tactics and strategies we had to employ and the results speak for themselves. 

Alan McConnell
Head Coach - AIS-AFL Academy
network administration
  ... I am very happy with "Webbsoft License Server" for managing Webbsoft software across our network - it was a straight forward installation on our main server and I have no problems with it running along side the rest of the server services. It is important that the licensing software install as a service on a server, rather than an application, so there a no problems with logging on and off the server. The license monitoring software is simple and intuitive, making it easy to manage the license usage. Also, the way it allows staff to switch between local dongle licensing and network licensing ensures we always get the most out of the software.  

Peter Griffin
Information and Technology Manager - Victorian Institute of Sport
I have used Microstats for State Institute and Professional level players for over nine years and have found it to be the most comprehensive statistical program for golf that I've seen. It enables me to create practice plans for players that successfully meet their training needs.

Peter Knight
Director - National Elite Development
Golf Australia
I have used Microstats for the past 5 years in the Queensland Academy of Sport golf programme. It provides measured feedback on how a player's training is translated to the golf course. I know of no other program that provides such insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a player's game.

Jim Barden
Former Head Coach Queensland Academy of Sport Golf Programme
The Microstats program is an invaluable part of my assessment process and provides more useful objective data than any other statistics program that I have ever seen. It provides a detailed summary of every facet of the player's game and often uncovers deficiencies that even the player is unaware of. This information allows me to pinpoint exactly where any problems in the players game exist, allowing the most efficient practice program to be prescribed.

Denis McDade
Former Head Coach, Golf
Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS)
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